How to save on your personal tax

12 July 2016

Nobody likes paying taxes, and we all want to pay as little as possible. There are ways to legally lessen your tax burden, and in some cases these can be beneficial to your long term wealth creation. Read More…

Important dates to remember

1 July 2016

SARS has very strict deadlines for submission and payment of various tax types. Submitting late can cause you to be penalised unnecessarily . Read More

Here at Thunderlion Business Solutions, we like to keep our clients informed of all the latest in tax legislation. We believe an informed client is a happy client. We have below a list of articles to keep our clients informed and up to date. We will be updating these regularly.

Savings tips for small businesses

22 March 2017

Most Small businesses have a limited budget with which to work. Here are some practicle tips for small businesses which are just starting out. Read More…